Driving In A Winter Wonderland

The first snows have fallen across the country, parents everywhere have dragged out the kids’ snow gear, and people have been heard far and wide grumbling about the frost so stubbornly clinging to the windshield. Though this time of year can be filled with extra cheer, beautiful views, and plenty of old family memories, we’re sad to say it also means it’s time to “winterize” all the great classic, sporty cars and store them safely in Grandma’s garage, nestled safely away from the bustling cities…over the river, and through the woods, of course!

While the weather can make it hard to enjoy a good drive in the old Mustang, we’re bringing out the trucks!

The 1941 Ford pickup (pictured to the left) is a classic, pre-war truck which was best suited for lighter loads, such as a florist’s truck. The two door, half-ton truck featured a V8, four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. The 221-cubic-inch engine could produce about 90 horsepower, making this truck a great one for laundry services or other such uses.

A little over a decade and a world war later, the 1954 Ford F100 featured a 239-cubic inch engine that put out 130 horsepower and a 17 gallon fuel tank. For the first time, tandem rear-axle setups were available, making more heavy-duty loads possible. These trucks earned the names T-700 and T-800 and finally allowed their owners to do a little more “dirty work.”

Both of these trucks are noticeably more low-riding than today’s trucks, and of course, they didn’t pack nearly as much punch as current models, but in their day, they were great tools for those providing services or hoping to get a little handy work done around the old farm house.

They still may not have been great in the snow and ice, but hey, it was better than getting the Camaro dirty!

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