James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Up For Grabs

There are many cars that have played a major role in popular culture over the years, but the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that appeared in the classic James Bond movies may be the most recognizable. It was driven by Sean Connery in a number of the films, including Thunderball and Goldfinger, and this particular specimen has reached iconic status via motion picture notoriety.

However, the Aston Martin DB5 in general is a rare and collectible automobile that was produced by the company for just three model years, 1963-1965. The “DB” in the name came about because those were the initials of the head of Aston Martin at the time, David Brown. The standard Aston Martin DB5 models were offered as either a two-door coupe or a two-door convertible, and in all, it is estimated that 983 of them were produced, so every existing DB5 is rare. However, the convertible is more scarce than the coupe; just 123 of them were produced, and only nineteen of them had the steering wheel on the left side.

There were also a couple of specialty models built in even smaller quantities. The company unveiled the Aston Martin DB5 Vantage in 1964, which was a high performance version with three carburetors rated at 314 horsepower. Aston Martin built 63 of these, and then there was the rarest DB5 of all, the shooting break estate car that was specially designed for David Brown. Aside from the original prototype earmarked for Brown, twelve additional DB5 shooting break models were created by customizing the coupe.

The reason why we saw fit to highlight the famed 1964 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 around now is because it is going up for auction in October. It is presently owned by a fellow named Jerry Lee who acquired it back in 1969. Lee paid $12,000 for the car; it is expected to fetch upward of $5,000,000 at auction. So if you have have 5 million bucks laying around and you’re a big fan of James Bond, you may want to visit RM Auctions and mark October 27th on your calendar.

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