Michigan Mitten Promo Tour Set to Begin June 17th

The rev of hundreds of engines, exhaust fumes drifting through the air, people young and old milling about and everywhere you look, there is a classic or muscle car in view.  What car enthusiast doesn’t love going to see or participating in a car show during the warm summer months?  It doesn’t get better than that…or does it? What about a 9-day traveling car show tour where you can enjoy great scenery from different cities but more importantly, see different classic and muscle cars every day?  That sounds like a car lovers dream.  This is not just a dream; however, it is the Michigan Mitten Promo Tour going on June 17-26th, 2011. 

The founders of Flint, Michigan’s “Back To The Bricks” Car Show, which is the biggest and fastest growing car show in the Midwest, has put together a traveling car show along the shorelines of Michigan.  In 2010, “Back To The Bricks” brought over 350,000 car enthusiasts and 35,000 classic cars to their 5-day event and are hoping to make it even bigger by promoting it through this car tour.  The tour will stop in 17 different Michigan cities to give car enthusiasts something spectacular to see. 

All individuals with street able cars or trucks are invited on the tour.  You can choose to travel the entire tour, part of the tour or bring your cars or trucks to any of the stops on the tour.  You can choose to hand out promotional material for “Back To The Bricks” during the tour, but that is entirely optional.  To sign up to participate in any part of the tour, click here.  The last day to sign up is May 15, 2011.  At the end of the participation form, there is an option to purchase a Promotional Tour Packet for $35. This packet includes a tour agenda/itinerary, 2 name lanyards, 1 t-shirt, 1 hat, a 3×3 inch window cling, and a 4×30 inch windshield cling.  These items can also be ordered individually.  For anyone that goes on the tour, all expenses are their responsibility and the tour is not liable for anything that may occur on the tour.  On the website, there is a list of suggested accommodations and links for other things to see along the tour route. 

Of course, anyone that does not have a car to bring on the tour is welcome to come to any of the stops for the car shows.  There will be a wide array of cars and trucks to enjoy and many free activities for families to enjoy. 

The tour schedule is as follows (all cities with * indicate overnight stay):

June 17th:  Tour starts in Flint, in-between stop in Sterling Heights and ends in Port Huron*

June 18th: Port Huron, in-between stop in Caseville and ends up in Bay City*

June 19th: Bay City, in-between stop in Oscoda and ends in Alpena*

June 20th: Alpena, in-between stop in Rodgers City and ends in Mackinaw City*

June 21st: Mackinaw City, in-between stop in Petoskey and ends in Traverse City*

June 22nd: Traverse City, in-between stop in Manistee and ends in Ludington*

June 23rd: Ludington, in-between stop in Silver Lake and ends in Holland*

June 24th: Holland, in-between stop in Hickory Corners and ends in Brooklyn*

June 25-26th: Brooklyn to end of tour at Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan

Come check out one of these stops or consider going on the tour.  It will be an unforgettable experience.

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