New Orleans British Car Day

New Orleans British car day: Though we like to focus on classic American cars for the most part, a lot of people are interested in cars from all around the world and as they say, different strokes for different folks.

With this in mind there are some collectors out there who are particularly interested in British cars and motorcycles. If you are one of them or simply someone who has an interest in all types of vehicles you may want to check out the 22nd annual New Orleans British Car Day event.

This year’s show is taking place on Saturday, March 24, and the people behind it are the British Motoring Club Of New Orleans. They have a passion for these vehicles from across the drink, and you can bet that they will put on another spectacular event this year.

And speaking of drinks, we are talking about New Orleans here, the Big Easy. When you go to a classic car event obviously the interest that you have in motor vehicles is at the root of the trip. However, the ideal scenario is to go to an event that is taking place somewhere that is a lot of fun to visit.

Along those lines it is hard to outdo New Orleans. You have incredible food, a rich culture, interesting architecture, music overflowing onto the streets from every nook and cranny, and of course the never-ending party that takes place on Bourbon Street.

One of the nice things about New Orleans British Car Day is that it is free for people who don’t have a car entered into the competition. So you can join in on all the fun and hang out with fellow classic car fans without spending a penny to participate.

British Car Day is a great excuse to spend a weekend in New Orleans. To learn more about it, simply visit the British Motoring Club Of New Orleans website.

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