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Cool Cars: cool carsRock and roll music and cool cars have always gone hand-in-hand. This is not just a cliché; when you think about it, these two important aspects of Americana really were intertwined into our history.

Automotive manufacturing was stalled during the World War II years, and after the war was over and economic times were good the industry started to take off once again. The 1950s were extraordinary times, and this was an era that produced some of the most memorable cool cars.

It is also the decade during which rock and roll got its start. So when you picture young coolcarspeople going to the drive-in or the malt shop in their cars you can hear Chuck Berry or Elvis playing in your head.

Then came the 60s, and the music was ratcheted up to another level. One of the guitar legends that emerged during this decade was Eric Clapton. Many classic car fans grew up listening to Clapton both as a solo artist and with super groups such as Cream and The Yardbirds.

What you may not know is that Eric Clapton is an aficionado of classic Ferraris, and he recently added a very special one-off Ferrari to his collection: the Ferrari SPC-12 EPC, a car that cost an estimated $4.75 million.

Ferrari is known to be willing to make any modifications that customers are interested in as long as they are in a position to pay the price, and this one was tailor-made to Clapton’s specifications. In fact, it even has his initials woven into the car’s name as the “EPC” stands for Eric Patrick Clapton.

This cool car is truly one-of-a-kind, at its core a regular Ferrari 458 Italia with stylistic changes to give it more of a classic look.

Eric Clapton is larger-than-life as a rock star, and with the Ferrari SPC-12 EPC he certainly has a car to match his legendary stature.

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