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The First Generation Dodge Challenger

Dodge ChallengerThe original Dodge Challenger, produced from 1970-1974, was Dodge’s attempt at entering the popular pony car market, epitomized by the Ford Mustang. The Challenger shared its Chrysler E-body platform with the Plymouth Barracuda, although it was slightly larger. Chrysler-Dodge intended the Challenger to compete with the more luxurious pony cars of the time. Unfortunately for the company, by the time the Challenger’s design was complete, it was a bit late and the pony car wave was already beginning to fade. For this reason, it did not have nearly the success that the Chrysler brain trust had hoped for.

The Changing Face Of The Ford Galaxie

There are a handful of car models that existed during parts of several decades when the American automakers were really thriving, and it is very interesting to take a look at their evolution. More recently, when you look at a car from 1990 and then look at the 2010 version, you’ll see a difference, but it is not going to be extremely profound in most cases. But back in the 1950s through the 1980s, the changes could be very dramatic.