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China Loves Classic American Cars

China Loves Classic American Cars

71 Pontiac GTO ConvertibleWho doesn’t love classic cars? From the earliest Fords to the ‘40s hot rods, the powerful road racers of the muscle car era, and the modern classics, everyone loves the style and the nostalgia of a classic car. Apparently no one loves it more than Chinese citizens. American culture has long been popular with the people in communist countries. Today, that is taking the form of a love for older cars among the people of China.

Code Name “Panther”

pantherPanther: The Ford Mustang had an extraordinary impact on the automotive industry after its release in April of 1964.

As you might expect, the other major automobile manufacturers immediately got to work on their versions of a pony car so that they could garner their share of this burgeoning new market.

In 1965 rumors began to circulate about the Chevrolet division of General Motors developing a competitor under the code name “Panther.”

During the summer of 1966 the company held a press conference and they invited members of the automotive journalism community. At this conference they announced that everyone in attendance was automatically a member of the “Society for the Elimination of Panthers from the Automotive World.”