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Buckert Patent and Trademark Law Firm

Buckert Patent and Trademark Law Firm

John BuckertPatent and trademark law can be confusing, but it is essential for protecting your product, invention, or brand. If you are concerned about competitors stealing your ideas, consider working with an experienced lawyer who specializes in these laws. Buckert Patent and Trademark Law Firm can help you make the patent process easier and simpler. 

John Buckert works with entrepreneurs and companies to procure and protect intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, agreements, and copyrights. His experience over nearly wo decades includes obtaining 250 patents and filing more than 100 trademark applications. He also works with clients to develop licensing agreements. 

Bugatti Type 57

Bugatti Type 57Bugatti Type 57

Legendary luxury car brand and supercar manufacturer Bugatti made the Type 57 model for just a few years in the 1930s and produced a mere 710 units during that time. Bugatti cars date back all the way to 1909 when Ettore Bugatti founded the company in Germany. This revolutionary car maker was not an engineer. He was an artist, which helps to explain the impressive styling legend of the Bugatti Type 57 and other models.