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Austin Healey 3000

Among the most memorable of the classic cars to have come from Britain in the mid-20th century were the Austin Healey models. The quaint look of these models fit perfectly into the idea of cruising through the English countryside, watching miles of stone fences and greenery slide by as the wind gently laps against a hand that is casually waving from the window.  Less inclined to be concerned with regulations in the auto industry, the British carmaker which was responsible for the Austin Healey, British Motor Corporation (BMC), would come to suffer from the tightening regulations in the United States. This would put a harsh limit on the model’s international market.

British Auto: 1977 MGB

The 1977 MGB is a unique- looking foreign car which certainly stands apart from the more stereotypical American classic cars from the 1970s. Assembled under the direction of British car maker MG Cars, this sports car is one classified as a roadster.  Succeeding its predecessor, the MGA, the MGB was first introduced in 1962 and had a respectable run before it came to an end in 1980. Relatively few were produced, totaling about 399,000 units in its 19-year run.

New Orleans British Car Day

New Orleans British car day: Though we like to focus on classic American cars for the most part, a lot of people are interested in cars from all around the world and as they say, different strokes for different folks.

With this in mind there are some collectors out there who are particularly interested in British cars and motorcycles. If you are one of them or simply someone who has an interest in all types of vehicles you may want to check out the 22nd annual New Orleans British Car Day event.