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Chevy Delray: Typefaces Designed to Engage Buyers

Chevy Delray: Typefaces Designed to Engage Buyers

'55 Chevy DelrayWhen auto manufacturers designed new cars, they had to imagine what the car would look like on the outside, the inside, and under the hood. Cars are not released to the public in a willy-nilly fashion; they have to be tested for aerodynamics, fuel economy, and consumer desire. People love their cars because they see themselves in the style of the car. So, when manufacturers design the name, they do so by considering who they think will drive the car and what appeals to the potential drivers. This stylistic choice shows up in the typefaces that are used on the name plate for the car.

Pontiac Trans AM – Muscle Cars Make the Movies

Pontiac Trans AM – Muscle Cars Make the Movies

77 Pontiac Trans AMMost movies are loved for two reasons: actors who put their all into their roles and stories that plunge into our souls while thoroughly stirring our emotions. Every now and then, there are movies that captivate us for other reasons, like high tech special effects and mind blowing comedic timing. However, there are those occasional movies that suck us in, not for the story or the actors, special effects or comedy, but because they have supremely cool cars.

Top 15 Hot Rods

Top 15 Hot Rods

Lincole ZephyrFor nearly as long as cars have been around, enthusiasts have been souping them up and turning them into speedy roadsters. With such a long history, choosing the top 15 hotrods is no easy task. These stand-outs, however, are worthy of the title.

  1. ‘37 Lincoln Zephyr. For cool styling and appeal, the Zephyr cannot be beat.
  2. ‘67 Camaro. This early Camaro surely earns a spot in the top 15 hotrods of all time for its speed and popularity.
  3. ’32 Ford 3-window coupe. Made famous by American Grafitti, this Ford is surely the most copied hotrod.

1970 Camaro

1970 Camaro

1970 Camaro: When Ford came out with the Mustang in late 1964, the pony car segment was born and was destined to become an American classic. The rest of the automakers followed suit and developed similar, small, sporty, cool-looking, and performance-oriented cars. Chevy’s entry into the market was the Camaro, which first appeared in 1967. The second generation began with the 1970 Camaro.

The early Camaros were designed to compete with the Mustang, but they had a style and panache all their own. They included the long hood and short rear end that defined most pony cars, but also included unique style points and a variety of engines including high performers that had the potential to put the Camaro into the muscle car category.

1969 Camaro LT1 427

1969 Camaro LT1 4271969 Chevrolet Camaro

The 1969 Camaro LT1 427 is a classic car from the pony and muscle car era with a powerful engine and top performance features. Still produced today, the Camaro has been one of Chevrolet’s most successful nameplates. The company first brought it out in late 1966 to compete with the wildly popular Ford Mustang. Chevrolet produced the Camaro through 2002, when it took a short hiatus and returned in 2009.

Top 12 Fastest Muscle Cars

Top 12 Fastest Muscle Cars

Top 12 Fastest Muscle Cars: Muscle cars are an American original. These are the fastest of the high-performance cars with powerful, big block engines and are a perennial favorite with classic car collectors. The late 1960s were the heyday of these cars and all of the top twelve fastest muscle cars came from this decade. While the greatest may be up for debate, no one can dispute the numbers put out by the fastest.

1966 427 Cobra. The fastest of all American muscle originally came from England, but Carroll Shelby quickly brought his design over to Ford.

1968 SS Camaro

1968 Chevy Camara1968 SS Camaro: One of the most iconic of American muscle cars, the Chevy Camaro arrived on the scene in 1967, ready to go head to head with Ford’s Mustang. As part of the first generation, the 1968 SS Camaro was a refined and powerful version of Chevy’s newest muscle. Several upgrades and newer design elements improved upon the ’67 car.

1969 Chevy Camaro ZL1

Here is an example of a relatively unknown classic car for many. Its name draws question marks of all kinds-and for good reason. With only 69 copies produced, the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is a rare gem indeed. Some featured a 427 cid V-8 engine, while others began with a 396 cid 375 bhp engine. As the first of it kind, this Chevy engine had an aluminum block. The 427 cid, a speed demon in its own right, boasted over 500 bhp, and according to the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide, it was the most “powerful engine Chevrolet ever offered to the public.”

Camaro: Then And Now

This week, the L.A. Autoshow saw a number of announcements about exciting new cars, one being the brand new convertible version of the fastest-ever Camaro. Now that car lovers will be abuzz with the excitement of a new addition to the muscle car line from Chevrolet, we thought it only appropriate to look back at the first Camaro, if only to remember the “good ol’ days” as we begin to embrace the new.

Who’s Ready For A Road Trip?

The holidays are coming-and quickly! With all the traveling that comes with visiting the in-laws, the kids, and little old Grandma, why not enjoy a beautiful drive on the way there? Fire up the old Thunderbird, hop into the Camaro, and see some of America’s most iconic roadways.

Heading west? Route 66 is arguably the most famous path to take, and along the way are restaurants, shops, and even a small museum called Cool Springs Station in Kingman, Arizona are dedicated to its travelers. Stop in and stretch your legs, enjoy a bite to eat, and think of the memories you’re making.