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The 5 Fastest Muscle Cars

The 5 Fastest Muscle Cars

The smell of rubber burning and exhaust spewing, the scream of tires grinding against pavement and the crowd cheering on their favorite, and the heat and sweat of a summer night filled with adrenaline – that, my friend, is a drag race.

While everyone likes an exhilarating and exciting drag race, seeing no one in front of you when the checkered flag is flashed, holding the coveted trophy or just the having bragging rights shows you are the winner, you have the fastest car – everyone lusts for a taste of that!  That is why I bring you the Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars according to Muscle Car Review Magazine, ranked based on their elapsed time on a quarter-mile track.

The Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Chevrolet got a lot of mileage out of the Chevelle series in the 1960s, offering everything from soup to nuts under the name Chevelle. In a very real sense, the Chevelle line could have been a brand in and of itself capable of meeting the needs of most consumers with one car or another. Let’s look at the 1968 model year as an example. They made the Chevelle 300, which was a two-door coupe; the 300 Deluxe, offered as a two-door coupe and either a two or four-door sedan; the Nomad and Nomad Deluxe wagons; the Chevelle Concours Estate wagon; the Chevelle Malibu in five different variations; the Chevelle Malibu Sport; and the muscular Chevelle Super Sport, or “SS.”