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Pontiac GTO: Some History

Pontiac GTO: Some History

When you talk about the great American muscle cars of the 1960s and beyond one of the first vehicles that is going to enter the conversation is the Pontiac GTO.

A lot of people have heard of John DeLorean as the founder of the DeLorean Motor Company, the ill-fated luxury car manufacturer of the 1970s. However, DeLorean was long thought of as an automotive design genius before starting his own company.

He was the chief engineer of the Pontiac division of General Motors in the early 1960s and he was instrumental in the design of the GTO along with chassis expert Bill Collins and engine man Russell Gee.

7 of the Most Popular Classic Cars

7 of the most popular classic cars

Before buying or selling a classic car, an important factor to consider is its popularity for a number of reasons. Popularity could indicate the odds of selling the car if that is the intention- certainly it is easier to sell something that is in demand. At the same time, however, when buying a classic car, a popular car can make it difficult to find parts, and prices typically reflect that. Indeed, it can be much more expensive to repair a popular classic car. Aside from buying and selling, though, it’s just plain interesting to learn about some of the most popular cars. Here’s a list of 7 of the most popular classic cars. Drum roll, please!

Carroll Shelby’s “Other Car” – The Sunbeam Tiger

Some people dream of getting their hands on one of the brilliantly designed cars by Carroll Shelby, but their dreams fall short when they look at the price tag of his famous Cobras or Mustangs.  There is good news for them; Mr. Shelby designed the Rootes Group Sunbeam Tiger, as well! In 1964, the Rootes Group was looking for a way to revamp the Sunbeam Alpine’s image from a “touring” car to a “sports car/roadster”.  They wanted the car to be modeled after the recently successful Shelby Cobra.  After some research and the decision to use the Ford’s 164hp 4.3L Windsor V8 engine, who was better to ask to design their car than the man himself, Carroll Shelby?  Shelby agreed to design the car for $10,000.  His prototype, along with the prototype built by racer and previous employee of Shelby America, Ken Miles, were sent to England for production.

The Boss 429

Ford MustangWhen looking back at the history of muscle cars, one model stands out in American car-making: the 1969 Boss 429 Mustang. Though originally intended to compete with the Corvette, the Boss didn’t quite live up to Ford’s high hopes, and was discontinued relatively quickly after production continued from 1969 to 1970.

Each vehicle was hand assembled at the Kar Kraft facility in Brighton, Michigan. Production numbers were low, making each of the only 859 units just a little more special. In fact, some say that the Boss 429 may be the most valuable muscle car built in the 1960s because of its rarity.

Dodge Challenger Then and Now

As a well-respected car that has lasted through generations, the Dodge Challenger has endured its fair share of changes over the years. So how is it different now? Let’s take a look.

The first model, the 1970 Dodge Challenger, came with a whopping eight body styles, including convertible and hardtop versions, both with two doors. A variety of engine options was available for those who craved a little extra speed with this muscle car. Additionally, a dual exhaust could be had on some models. Four different hood styles were offered, though the standard style was almost flat, except for the small peak that ran down the center of the hood. For a flashier model, metallic paint colors were available alongside their flat color options. The 1970 Dodge Challenger (standard) featured a 225 cubic inch engine with a three-speed manual transmission.

The 5 Most Rare Factory-built Muscle Cars

Most car enthusiasts know that some of the most rare cars in the world were special ordered with very specific requests and that hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to make them that way.  The cars that were factory-made, but still incredibly rare, get casted in the shadows because they are considered not as glamorous and sold for less money.  This article wants to commend these rare, factory-built vehicles and bring them out into the spotlight they deserve.

The Best.Show.Ever

The Best.Show.Ever

81 DeLorean DMC-12In the midst of the 639 episodes of The Simpsons that have been aired, there was also The Simpsons Movie. While many Simpson-heads look forward to watching an epic marathon of these, let’s take a look back at some of the iconic vehicles that were so lovingly drawn into the legend that is The Simpsons.

DeLorean DMC-12: If you thought the DeLorean DMC-12 was only in Back to the Future, then you missed the 19th episode in the 7th season. Troy McClure, voiced by legendary funnyman Phil Hartman, drove a DeLorean DMC-12. The car injured Police Chief Wiggums and it was used when McClure married Selma.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance'66 GTOIf you own a classic car or an antique car, you have an expensive hobby. Taking care of that car, or cars if you have a collection, takes time and money. To protect your hobby and your investment, having insurance is essential. A typical insurance policy, like one you would get for your newer car that you use regularly is not a great option for a special car. You really need to get classic car insurance to ensure that you get the best protection.

Streetside Classics Now Open in Phoenix

Streetside Classics Now Open in Phoenix

PhoenixThe growing Streetside Classics family continues to expand and offer more locations to better serve their car-loving customers. The latest location for Streetside recently opened in Mesa, Arizona, just minutes from downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix showroom joins the original location in Charlotte, as well as showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Tampa, and Nashville.

Founder Donna Robbins opened the original Charlotte showroom in 2008 after ten years in the business of buying and selling classic cars. She set out with a working philosophy of always putting customers first and driven by a passion for collectible cars and never looked back. Robbins and her team now have one of the biggest sales volumes for collector cars in the country.

Unfortunately Named Cars

Unfortunately Named Cars

As a car fan, I enjoy learning about the significance of the names that cars are given. Many names have interesting etymologies. From the Corvette being named after swiftly moving Navy ships to the Shelby Cobra being named after a dangerous snake, many car makers get the names just right. Then there are cars like the Plymouth Duster, Ford Probe, and the Chevy Nova. These cars have names that are easy to spell, easy to say, but they have no sense of coolness at all.

'70 Plymouth Duster