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Plymouth and the History of the Name

Plymouth and the History of the Name

'66 Plymouth FuryIn 1928, Chrysler decided to create a low-price name badge to compete with powerhouses Ford and Chevrolet. The idea was that this line would have features that the other low-priced badges did not. The badge that Chrysler created was Plymouth, which lasted until 2001 when DaimlerChrysler decided to end the brand due to low sales.

Not Named for the Town, but for Farmers’ Twine

A Major Shout-Out to Bowling Green, Kentucky

A Major Shout-Out to Bowling Green, Kentucky

1967 Chevrolet CorvetteIf you have ever driven on I-65 in Kentucky, you have probably noticed the reason that Bowling Green, Kentucky has become a popular tourist destination. The yellow building with the red spike on top is none other than the National Corvette Museum. As the third largest city in the state of Kentucky, Bowling Green offers many reasons for car lovers to stop for a visit.

Spotlight: Ransom E. Olds

Oldsmobile is one of the most recognized automotive makers in American classic car history. The name and many of its models have become part of the unique history that the automotive history has entwined in American pop culture, nostalgia, and the musings of bygone days. Its history is fraught with both enormous successes and nerve-wracking failures, but still it remains among the favorites for generations of Americans.

A Look at the Ford Model T

Ford Model T: Henry Ford has gone down in history as one of the most influential industrialists the United States has ever known. Ford was born on July 30 of 1863 on a farm that was located right outside of Detroit, Michigan. Of course, Detroit went on to become the cradle of American auto making, and Henry Ford had a lot to do with that.

Among other things Ford is credited with taking the step that brought automobile ownership within reach of ordinary Americans. The first vehicle that he was able to offer to the auto buying public at an affordable price was the Ford Model T, which first came out in 1908.

The History of Bugatti

We hear about them in Ralph Lauren and Jay Leno’s garages, we see them selling for expensive prices in Barrett-Jackson and other auctions and even see them featured in museums.  Why is there all of this commotion about the Bugatti?  Is it because they run so smoothly or because they are the perfect combination of automobile and art?  Let’s go back through the history of the Bugatti to illustrate why these cars are so admired.