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Cars that Moved Brands

Cars That Moved Brands

'56 Nash RamblerSome car names are just too good to stay within one brand. While it is impossible to consider the Mustang ever belonging to a carmaker other than Ford or a Corvette not being a Chevy, there are a few car models that have switched to other makers. Most of the name switches did not take place overnight, but many involved the defunct AMC along with cars in the Mopar lineup. Here are some of the notable switches:

Cars with the Wrong Names

Cars with the Wrong Names

1974 AMC HornetCarmakers have had some serious winners when it comes to names. Take the Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, and the Mazda Miata. Before a car is named, the manufacturers work with their marketing departments to create a name that embodies the look and feel of the car. The names are created to appeal to a particular audience, so when the marketing departments get it right, they really do get it right. But, when they get the name wrong, it can become a joke in the industry. These are a few of the comical names that do not fit the car’s style and driveability: