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Driving In A Winter Wonderland

The first snows have fallen across the country, parents everywhere have dragged out the kids’ snow gear, and people have been heard far and wide grumbling about the frost so stubbornly clinging to the windshield. Though this time of year can be filled with extra cheer, beautiful views, and plenty of old family memories, we’re sad to say it also means it’s time to “winterize” all the great classic, sporty cars and store them safely in Grandma’s garage, nestled safely away from the bustling cities…over the river, and through the woods, of course!

What is a Hemi Engine

What is a Hemi Engine

1968 HemiIf you’ve ever wondered, “What is a hemi engine?” you are not alone. Car lovers speak of the hemi as if it were the best thing you could have under your hood. The term Hemi comes from the word hemisphere and is used to describe an internal combustion engine in which the cylinders in the combustion chamber are topped with a hemispherical roof.

What is Horsepower?

The term “horsepower” actually has a longer history than the automobile itself. Now, it seems like anything with a motor has a horsepower rating- from your car, to the lawnmower, right down to the vacuum cleaner. So what it horsepower? The definition has a surprising arbitrary definition. Here’s a more in-depth look into the term that has car aficionados worldwide transfixed on powerful engines.