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7 of the Most Popular Classic Cars

7 of the most popular classic cars

Before buying or selling a classic car, an important factor to consider is its popularity for a number of reasons. Popularity could indicate the odds of selling the car if that is the intention- certainly it is easier to sell something that is in demand. At the same time, however, when buying a classic car, a popular car can make it difficult to find parts, and prices typically reflect that. Indeed, it can be much more expensive to repair a popular classic car. Aside from buying and selling, though, it’s just plain interesting to learn about some of the most popular cars. Here’s a list of 7 of the most popular classic cars. Drum roll, please!

Best Low Riders – Pontiac Streamliner

Best Low Riders -Pontiac Streamliner

60 Chevrolet ImpalaWhat’s cooler than cruising slow and low in a low rider? Cruising in a low rider that you customized yourself. The classic low rider look is all about looking sleek, sexy, and smooth. The best low riders look like they are floating inches off of the ground. In order to get the best low-rider look, you have to start with a car that already has stylish lines. When you are ready to join the low-rider crowd, these classic cars will get you there in style:

Chevrolet Celebrates 100 Years

Whether you are riding around in your “Little Red Corvette”, doing Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock”, “Racing In the Streets” with Bruce Springsteen, or “See(ing) the USA in Your Chevrolet”, you are doing all of these in a Chevrolet.  These are just a few of the over 700 songs that mention Chevrolets and helped celebrate and remember 100 years of excellence as Chevrolet recognized its 100th anniversary this past week.