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The Model T at the Bottom of the Mississippi River

The Model T at the Bottom of the Mississippi River

1926 Ford Model TFor anyone who loves a good mystery, and classic cars, Winona, Minnesota has one. The town sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and is home to a big question about an old Model T. What’s it doing at the bottom of the river? According to the local news stations, the car was found during a training activity. A local law enforcement team was being trained in the use of a sonar scanner, to be used for finding drowning victims in the river, when they imaged the nearly 100 year old car, upside down and buried in the silt.

A Look at the Ford Model T

Ford Model T: Henry Ford has gone down in history as one of the most influential industrialists the United States has ever known. Ford was born on July 30 of 1863 on a farm that was located right outside of Detroit, Michigan. Of course, Detroit went on to become the cradle of American auto making, and Henry Ford had a lot to do with that.

Among other things Ford is credited with taking the step that brought automobile ownership within reach of ordinary Americans. The first vehicle that he was able to offer to the auto buying public at an affordable price was the Ford Model T, which first came out in 1908.

Henry Ford Museum in Detroit

Henry Ford is without question one of the most iconic figures in American industrial history, and  during his time he was one of the wealthiest and most famous individuals on the planet. Prior to the mass production of the Ford Model T, which was introduced in October of 1908, automobile ownership was the exclusive domain of the wealthy because they were made individually by hand. Ford revolutionized the industry through the development of the assembly line technology that fueled production of the Model T, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kaiser’s Henry J

Henry J. Kaiser, the chairman of Kaiser-Frazer, was looking for a way to capitalize on the consumers interest of inexpensive vehicles during the 1950’s.  He saw that Nash was having luck with the Rambler, Chevrolet with its 150, and Ford with its success of the Model T, so he thought he would design a car that would give him that kind of success and profit, as well.  This is where the Henry J, named after the chairman, was born!

The Ford Model T’s Impact On American Culture

The Ford Model T is certainly the most famous of early 20th century American cars. Not only was it the most popular car of the day, but it also holds great significance in the development of American culture. It is regarded as the first truly affordable American car that made car ownership a possibility for middle-class Americans. The Model T ushered in an era where car ownership in the US became a norm and not an exception, and paved the way for Ford and other notable American manufacturers to become the longstanding institutions they are today.