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Classic Cars: The Best Alternative Investment?

Classic Cars: The Best Alternative Investment?

'59 BentleyAccording to a recent report, classic cars may be a better financial investment than real estate. Before you start counting your money and thinking about selling your prized 1970s Datsun, there are some more details to consider. As much as your baby might mean to you, not all classic cars are the same and not all will give the big return on investment that can trump certain pieces of real estate.

Classic Cars —For Love or Money?

Classic Cars —For Love or Money?

Ford MustangClassic cars are one niche area where people have seen they can make money. Of course, they have their enthusiasts, like us, but some people are seeing them as more of an investment rather than a hobby.

Rare classic cars will maintain their value, but taste in classic cars is changing and, likewise, their value. Except for the convertibles, the value of classic 1920s and 1930s sedans is falling. The people who are old enough to remember driving around in them are passing away, and the nostalgia for these models is dying with them.

One brand that is particularly in demand — and maybe always will be — is Ferrari. In New England, a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB was sold for $1.25 million at a Bonhams auction this year. The sale set a record for being the most ever paid for a single car in an auction there.