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Cars that Moved Brands

Cars That Moved Brands

'56 Nash RamblerSome car names are just too good to stay within one brand. While it is impossible to consider the Mustang ever belonging to a carmaker other than Ford or a Corvette not being a Chevy, there are a few car models that have switched to other makers. Most of the name switches did not take place overnight, but many involved the defunct AMC along with cars in the Mopar lineup. Here are some of the notable switches:

The Nash Rambler: The Big 3′s Competitor

The Nash Rambler: The Big 3′s Competitor

 Nash RamblerThe President of the Nash-Kelvinator Company, George Mason, saw that his company needed to design a car to compete with the “Big 3”, and it had to be something that those companies did not have. He decided to concentrate on a compact car that was small, yet still would fit 5 passengers comfortably.  Finally, he wanted a car that would save Nash on materials but still get great fuel economy and that would compete with companies that were dominating the lower price segment of the market (i.e. Chevrolet, Ford and Plymouth).  His outcome, the first successful modern American compact car, the Nash Rambler.

Leonardo Dicaprio Movie Cars

Leonardo Dicaprio Movie Cars

'65 Ford Mustang

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the most talented modern-day actors. Since he plays major roles in many period-piece films, he often finds himself being able to enjoy driving classic vehicles. Interestingly, the very first car he ever owned was a Ford Mustang from the 1960s. Moving many years into the future, he now is personally involved in environmental issues and he personally drives cars that are environmentally friendly. Despite the fact that he is such an environmentally friendly actor, many of the vintage cars he was fortunate enough to drive were anything but environmentally friend. These are a few of the more notable cars:

The Chevy Corvair

Chevy Corvair : When you are a kid in grade school people will make fun of you if you copy what someone else is doing with the schoolyard chant of “monkey see, monkey do.”

However, when it comes to automobile manufacturing mimicking the success of others is simply good business.

When you look at the history of the industry you find that many vehicles  that we have come to know and love were “inspired” shall we say by a model produced by another company that had great success.

The Nash Ambassador

When you think of the automobile line Nash, the first car that comes to most people’s mind is the Ambassador.  This is because the Ambassador was the name applied to the senior line of Nash automobiles from 1932-1957 (AMC took it over after) and was the “flagship” of the Nash brand.

The Ambassador name was first used in the 1927 model that was a specially trimmed, four-door, 5-passenger club sedan version of the “Nash Advanced Six”. It was the most expensive car on the line at $2,090; however, it lost its most expensive title in 1929 when Nash introduced its 7-passenger sedans and limousine models.  The ambassador remained part of the “Advanced Six” line through 1930, then moved to the “Nash Twin Ignition Eight” series in ‘31 and then to the “Eight-90” model.