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1969 Motor Trend Car of the Year: The Plymouth Road Runner

The peak of the the muscle car era is generally considered to have taken place between 1964 and 1972, and the reason for the decline of these cars wasn’t that they were no longer popular. The introduction of unleaded gasoline led to reduction in engine size and performance, and cars were engineered for better fuel efficiency and emissions reduction rather than speed and power. 1969 was one of the last years for the true muscle car, and it was the second year of production for the Plymouth Road Runner.

Car Classes from the 1960s

Car Classes from the 1960s

'69 Plymouth Road RunnerToday’s automotive lingo includes car classes like exotic, luxury, compact, and sporty – to name a few. Even though most people can name at least one car that would fit into each of these modern category, these categories have not always been. The 1960s was the first decade to see a wide variety of different cars and the categories from the 1960 were quite different than the ones used today. In the 1960s, drivers could pick from pony cars, muscle cars, economy cars, and executive cars.

The Muscle Car and Pony Car

1971 Plymouth GTX

1971 Plymouth GTX

1968 Plymouth GTXThe last model of the nameplate, the 1971 Plymouth GTX was the quintessential American muscle car. Plymouth was already famous for offering the public affordable pony and muscle cars with its Barracuda and Road Runner models. The GTX launched the brand into the performance stratosphere. The original 1967 GTX was a package for the Belvedere, and its subdued styling gave no indication of the power under the hood or the masterful engineering.

Road Runner in Music Videos

Road Runner in Music Videos

'69 Plymouth Roadrunner Who doesn’t love listening to their favorite music while cruising in their favorite car? Since music and cars have gone together for many decades, it is only appropriate that musicians include their favorite cars in their music videos. The iconic Plymouth Road Runner is one car that has appeared in music videos from several of the most popular musicians from a wide variety of genres.

1967 Plymouth GTX

Also known as the Plymouth Belvedere GTX, this model was intended to be a “gentleman’s” muscle car. Assembled in St. Louis, Missouri, the production only lasted 4 years (from 1967-1971). Both the style and performance of this model were better than the original Belvedere, and the two were largely differentiated by the grille and look of the rear of the car. The 1967 Plymouth GTX had mock hood scoops, optional racing stripes, and a different fuel cap, which also set the two classic car models apart.

5 Fastest Muscle Cars

5 Fastest Muscle Cars: The Muscle Car Club has reported that Muscle Car Review Magazine  has compiled a list of the top 50 fastest muscle cars. Of course, the list is too long to include here, but we will share the top 5 fastest muscle cars and a few interesting tidbits about each. The ranks are according to their speed at the quarter mile elapsed times. Take a look below:

5) 1970 Chevelle SS 454- topping out at 107 mph at the quarter mile, this model had a 4-speed transmission and a 450 horsepower rating. This muscle car could go 0-60 in about 6 seconds, and a quarter mile in just over 13 seconds. It was available as a coupe or a convertible.

The Plymouth Road Runner

The muscle car era was still in full swing when the Plymouth Road Runner was introduced for the 1968 model year, but many aficionados felt as though the whole ethos of the true muscle car was being lost. The original idea at the core of the muscle car was to provide a vehicle that was basic in appearance, options and appointments so that the majority of the money spent on the car went into improving its performance. The end result was a vehicle that packed a lot of punch under the hood that was at the same time affordable to most consumers. And this would especially include younger buyers who wanted the speed but may not have had a lot of money to spend to get it. As the sixties progressed, the industry started to stray from this formula by offering more complicated cars with additional bells and whistles that subsequently carried larger price tags.

The 5 Fastest Muscle Cars

The smell of rubber burning and exhaust spewing, the scream of tires grinding against pavement and the crowd cheering on their favorite, and the heat and sweat of a summer night filled with adrenaline – that, my friend, is a drag race.

While everyone likes an exhilarating and exciting drag race, seeing no one in front of you when the checkered flag is flashed, holding the coveted trophy or just the having bragging rights shows you are the winner, you have the fastest car – everyone lusts for a taste of that!  That is why I bring you the Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars according to Muscle Car Review Magazine, ranked based on their elapsed time on a quarter-mile track.