The Austin Healey 3000

Have you ever wanted to own a sports car that has been raced at Sebring, LeMans and Mount Panorama?  How about a roadster that was one of the fastest vehicles of its time?  Well look no further than the Austin Healey 3000.

The Austin Healey 3000 was a British sports car that was assembled at the BMC Abingdon Works from 1959-1967.  The first model, the Mark I, which it was not called until after the second model was made, had a 2912cc I6 engine with twin SU carburetors and Girling front disc brakes.  The Mark I had the options of wire wheels, an overdrive gearbox, a laminated windscreen, a heater, an adjustable steering column, a detachable hard top, two-tone pain, and a 2 seat or 4 seat version. This model had top speeds of 115mph, could go 0-60mph in 11.7 seconds and got 21.6 miles per gallon.  From March of 1959 to March of 1961, 13,650 of them were made, and they cost 1326 euro.

In March of 1951, the Austin Healey 3000 Mark II model was released.  This model offered three SU HS4 carburetors and an improved camshaft.  At first, the 2 seat and 4 seat options were still available, but when the 2+2 seating came out in January of 1962, the 2 seat model was discontinued in March of the same year and the 4 seat model in June, as well.  Due to balance issues in the 2+2, the model also had to go back to only 2 carburetors. Some new standard options came on this model, like the vertical barred front grille, wind-up windows rather than side curtains, an improved hood and a wrap-around windscreen. The optional additions stayed pretty close to the same, but the removable hardtop was not available and servo-assisted brakes became an option.  This model produced speeds of 112.9mph, could go 0-60mph in 10.9 seconds and got 23.5 miles per gallon.  It was produced until October of 1963 at a cost of 1362 euro.

The final Austin Healey 3000 model, the Mark III, came out in October of 1963 and was made until the end of production in 1967.  This was the most powerful and luxurious of the big Healeys.  it had a walnut veneer dash, wind-up windows, a 150hp engine, a new camshaft and valve springs, twin SU 2” HD8 carburetors, a new design and a new exhaust system.  Servo-assisted brakes became standard and only 2+2 seating was available.  The optional additions were the same with the exception of leather seating being an option over the Ambla vinyl that was standard. 17,712 of these were made.

While the Austin Healey 3000’s production ended in 1967, the vehicles still remain very popular with collectors.  Their sleek design and unique features would be a great addition to any classic car collection.

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