The Buick GSX

Who says that a Buick has to be a car “your grandparent would drive”?  The 1970 Buick GSX is anything but that; in fact, it is said to be a director competitor of the Pontiac GTO Judge.  With its famous black stripe with outlining red pin stripes over the standard rear spoilers and its partially blackened hood with mounted tachometer and black front spoiler, who could possibly mistake this car for anything but what it is:  An All American Muscle Car.

Buick’s Gran Sport started off as an option on the Buick’s classic Skylark, which is why it is sometimes mistaken for one, before becoming its own model in 1965. When the GSX option was released in 1970, Buick advertised it as “A Brand New Brand of Buick” and “Light Your Fire Cars from Buick” because they were meant to attract attention and draw customers into the showrooms.

The GSX became an optional high performance package for the Gran Sports (GS455) in 1970 when GM decided to lift its 400-cid limit.  It was a nearly $1200 option on a car with a base price of $4880, but it was well worth it.  The GSX option offered a standard big block 455 engine that kicked out 420hp and produced tremendous torque with 510lbs/ft at a low 2800rpm.  It actually held the title for highest torque rating until Dodge released the Viper in 2003.  Black bucket seats, a floor shifter, wide oval tires, quick ration steering and anti-sway bars were also standard.  The vehicles were given the option of an automatic or 4-speed manual transmission.  In 1970, 678 of these vehicles were produced, 479 with automatic and 199 with manual transmissions.  Its other option was color – they were only made in Saturn yellow and Apollo white in 1970, with other color options added to later modes.

Sadly, after emissions requirements were put on all vehicles, sales of the GSX quickly declined.  Buick decided to end the production of the GSX in 1974 and the Gran Sport model all together in 1975.  Regardless of the quick decline of these vehicles, this Buick still ranks as one of the most popular muscle cars ever produced, according to a poll on, and recent restored versions were sold at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction, in 2010, for as much as $80,000.

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