The Lincoln Premiere

The combination of rarity, age, and original quality are all important factors to consider when you are looking for a classic American car, but you have to include the fun factor as well. Do you really like the car? Would you enjoy owning it and driving it, and could you picture it being the car you may have driven if you were around during the time when it was current? These are important things to consider as well, and depending on your personal taste, the Lincoln Premiere is a car that has a lot to offer on just about every one of these points.

In the early fifties the creative minds at Lincoln decided that they needed to make some profound stylistic changes if they were going the be competitive, and their efforts came to fruition with the introduction of the 1956 Lincoln lineup. Lincoln offered three models in ’56, starting at the entry level with the Capri, a car that made its debut in 1952. Then there were the two fresh new entrants to the luxury car market, the top-of-the-line Mark II, and the Lincoln Premiere.

The automotive intelligentsia praised the forward-thinking stylistic innovations that were embodied in the Premiere, and it made an impression on the public as well. In 1955 Lincoln sold a total of 27,222 cars; in ’56, the year that the Mark II and the Premiere were introduced, that number nearly doubled to 50,322. There were 2,447 1956 Lincoln Premiere convertibles built, making them a very nice find today. The sticker price on a ’56 Premiere was around $4,600.

Though it was a very sharp and unique car as you can see, the Premiere only lasted through the 1960 model year, so they are pretty scarce and can carry a hefty price tag these days. In fact, the beautiful powder blue Premiere in the picture at the top of the page is on sale at right now for $36,500.

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