The National Automobile Museum

National Automobile Museum: Nestled in downtown Reno, Nevada is a spectacle that will surely appeal to car enthusiasts and their families alike. Amidst the casinos and adult-oriented fun is a family-friendly automotive heaven where anyone can find their place in history through automobiles: The National Automobile Museum. Located on Mill Street in The Biggest Little City In The World, this museum features concept cars, movie cars, noteworthy cars, flying cars, boat cars…you get the picture.

Featuring four massive galleries and over 200 cars, the museum also contains period wear and accessories. The first gallery, the 1890’s-1910’s room, features horseless carriages, Ford Model T’s, and other historical advances in the world of transportation that started the automobile revolution. Also featured in this gallery hall is a blacksmith’s shop: featuring tools of the trade for building such vehicles of the time.

Next is the teens-1930’s gallery, focused on WWI, Suffrage, and other important periods of American history. Some interesting cars in this room include the famous car featured in the motion picture Titanic. There is also Heritage Corner: a room detailing the turbulent times of this era, such as movement into aviation, fashion changes, and political changes in the U.S.

The 1930’s-1950’s gallery comes next, and it is absolutely expansive featuring such classics such as the Bonnie And Clyde death car, a Hudson Hornet, and many more famous cars of the time. The entrance to this gallery is through a “Service Station” featuring a replica of an automotive shop of the time.

The last gallery is the 1950’s, Race, and Beyond room. This features Forward Look classics, Edsels, muscle cars, station wagons, concept cars, and the like. There are also rows upon rows of racecars and pace cars. Featured in this room are cars of tomorrow; interesting exhibits on ideas of how cars in the future will be.

Between each of these rooms are roads lined with cars. Featuring cars that belonged to Frank Sinatra, JFK, and many more celebrities, these exhibits are exciting to both adults and children.

There are also many temporary exhibits that come and go, including a haunted house and safe trick-or-treating lane at Halloween time, an angel car tree at Christmas, and much more.

Hidden in the midst of Downtown Reno is a true museum of automotive history suited for all ages–it’s a big hit with the locals and tourists alike. It’s a truly fantastic attraction and is guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned of car enthusiasts.

Contributed by Fossil Cars Staff Writer

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