Vegas Welcomes Specialty Equipment Market Assoc. Show

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is set to do a show in early November in Las Vegas. This display is to show off vehicles with after-market parts that could be anything from design, audio, or customizations; think a car with speakers, mixers, turntables and even an electric guitar on the ceiling (this will be displayed on a Hyundai Veloster). While this show is closed to the public, it is expected to bring some of the latest and greatest after-market add-ons in the car industry today.

This show not only depends on showing off the latest after-market parts in terms of looks, though; it also showcases the best way to add power to your vehicle.  GM is going to feature their soon to be released Sonic and their Cruze that was released just over a year ago.  These sub-compact cars are the hottest selling cars for GM right now, but they are ready to give them some “polish” like the Camaro and Corvettes.  They are going to do this by adding the new Z-spec styling enhancements that are currently being evaluated for production by GM.  Chris Perry, the Vice President of marketing and strategy for Chevrolet says, “The Sonic and Cruze concepts demonstrate that performance comes in all shapes, sizes and displacements at Chevrolet.”

GM is not the only car company ready to show its stuff!  Ford has many different models that they would like to show are customizable.  First, they have at least 7 Focuses in both hatch and sedan style that will each be customized with different with different layouts.  They will also be showing four version of the Fiesta.   They will also have three customized versions of the Explorer SUV, modified F-150 trucks, and customized version of the F-350 Superduty called the Matchbox Superlift Brush Truck.  Ford explains that they have found that customers purchase a car because it fits their personality and life-style, so they feel it is important to show that all of their cars can be customized to fit any consumer.

Along with GM and Ford, Lexus will also be featuring its new 2013 GS350 mid-size luxury sedan with an exterior and anatomical package that uses gear from Lexus’ F performance sub brand.  Also, Chrysler will have a 28,400 square-foot display of over 30 “Moparized” Chrysler vehicles and more than 500 Mopar accessories.

The SEMA show is this season’s fashion show meets the automobile industry! It is something that you don’t want to miss!

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