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The heyday of the American automobile saw the emergence of what has become known as the "Big Three" of American automaking, and Chrysler Motors was, and remains, an integral member of this powerful triumvirate. Chrysler automobiles are indelibly etched into the automotive consciousness and they continue to move forward... today with innovative and forward thinking designs.

Chrysler dates back to 1924, when Walter Chrysler put his forward-thinking vision into action. He entered the endeavor with a history of success, having salvaged the Willys company and subsequently  being charged with a similar rescue job with Maxwell/Chalmers. Apparently, Chrysler was able to recognize what these companies were doing wrong, and he decided to put his knowledge to work for himself. In retrospect, the long and successful history of his company would suggest that he applied his talents correctly.

The best way to gain traction and maintain staying power in any industry is to innovate, and Chrysler was able to do just that. They introduced four-wheel Hydraulic brakes, and became the first company to  utilize rubber motor mounts. Classic and collectible Chrysler models that are still sought after today include the 300 X, the Cordoba, the New Yorker, the Chrysler LeBaron, the Conquest, and the luxurious Imperial.

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