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TOPIC: Magnolia Car Show

Magnolia Car Show 6 years ago #1

  • Domesticus
My husband took some fantastic pictures at this year's Magnolia Car Show, and I am posting them on my blog starting today.

Today's shots include a 1956 Ford Fairlaine Town Sedan, a 1949 Buick Roadmaster, and an incredibly elegant 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe.

Then all next week starting Monday, Sept. 17, I will be posting pictures of classic cars of the '50s, '40s, '30s, '20s, and '60s through the 2000s.

Last year I just put up one post with a few photos from the car show and got a lot of interest from the classic car community, so this year I have more. I was never really interested in cars before, but these grande dames have gotten under my skin.

Here's the link to the photos:
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Re: Magnolia Car Show 6 years ago #2

I bet your husband say some pretty cool stuff over there. Have you been to the car show too ? I bet you took some nice pics!

Re: Magnolia Car Show 6 years ago #3

  • Domesticus
I did, Rasputin, and my husband took some great shots. You can find them on Domesticus.com. I will be posting a different set every day this week. Today is fabulous fifties cars.

Re: Magnolia Car Show 6 years ago #4

Wow, those are sweet! I wish I were in your place, Domesticus. I rarely have the chance to go see car shows, I haven't seen one in years.

Re: Magnolia Car Show 6 years ago #5

  • Domesticus
So sorry you can't go! They are fun, although it would be a hassle to get to a major show and find parking, at least around here. We are able to walk to this one.

Today's post on Domesticus: Fabulous cars of the 40s.

Re: Magnolia Car Show 10 months, 2 weeks ago #6

Photos in this Chevy Truck article are of my baby. 1956 Chevy Apache truck. Took me 3 years to complete the restoration. PM me if you would like some of the restoration photos.
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