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Exotic Cars. Exotic Cars For Sale.

Browse our selection of Exotic cars for sale.  We have Exotic cars of all makes and models available on  Exotic cars carry the allure of illusive rarity, and ownership of special motor vehicles that are extraordinarily valuable and  practically unique is the dream of many people and the passion of a few.  Find yours today!

What classifies a classic car as an exotic car? Exotic cars are the product of a harsh reality in the world of automaking. It is very difficult  to produce a car that can be sold at a profit unless it is mass produced, and the actualization of advanced automotive designs is generally not possible in mass quantities. So one type of car that can be considered to be an exotic car would be finely engineered vehicles produced in small numbers that were capable of things that ordinary vehicles of the day were not.

Like all of the definitions of classes of cars that people restore and collect, the term "exotic" is open to debate. But if you use the dictionary definition of the word, the exotic car would need to be somewhat of a novelty, something strange and different in some way. The vehicles that are now called "supercars," like the McLaren Supercar MP4-12C, fit the description of an exotic car, but a late-sixties Lamborghini Miura P400, for instance, is clearly a classic, but with just 275 of them built between 1966 and 1969 it would seem that it is an exotic car as well.