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Hot Rods For Sale - Vintage Hot Rods

Hot rods are a staple of American classic cars.  FossilCars brings together hot rod buyers and sellers with hot rods for sale every day.  Browse our selection to find the hot rod that is right for you.  Depending on where you live, if you are into hot rods, it may be hard to find willing buyers if you a hot rod for sale, and it can be just as hard to find the right hot rod when you are looking to buy. You also have to deal with financing and insurance issues, and how many local lenders and insurance agents understand how to work with hot rods? The reality is that it is difficult to find a thriving marketplace that caters to hot rod enthusiasts in most communities.

That is why we founded back in the year 2000. As car fans in our own right, we could see that there was a need for a place where others like us could connect to buy and sell hot rods, muscle cars, and other classic motor vehicles. We have been able to facilitate the buying and selling of these cars and trucks by offering classic car financing, escrow services, classic car and hot rod transportation, specialty insurance services, parts, accessories, manuals, and an ongoing stream of news and information. was created to provide hot rod enthusiasts with everything they need all in one convenient location on the web. Visit us often because we update the site daily, and we are confident that we can help you find the hot rod of your dreams if you are shopping, or a ready and willing buyer if you have a hot rod you that would like to sell.

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