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The Marion Automobile Company was a brass-era, Ohio-based automobile manufacturing company that was active from 1901 until 1916.  The company name was removed when Marion merged with the Imperial Automobile Company to form the Mutual Motors Company in 1916. 

The Marion Automobile Company’s ...original owner, Fred S. Titus, produced several models of steam-powered cars, two electric car models, and a gasoline-powered model.  In 1907, the company was purchased by H.T. Love, who continued the current lines of automobiles under the company title “Marion of Indianapolis”.  Chief Designer Harry C. Stutz helped to produce the Marion Bobcat Model 33 Speedster in 1911, which was a stripped-down automobile that was cheaper to produce and would therefore more appealing to the average consumer than an expensive, heavy touring car.  The Bobcat also featured a wider wheelbase and better brakes than previous Marion models, which made for a light, inexpensive automobile that could outperform the heavy, over-engined automobiles that were so common at that time.

Marion never produced a significant number of vehicles.  In 1912, Marion only manufactured 932 automobiles, which was 500 fewer than the previous year.  Marion manufactured its Speedsters in the highest quantity, as they were the most economically feasible to produce during a time when Marion was barely pulling a profit.

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