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The Metropolitan is a subcompact automobile that was originally manufactured by the Nash Motor Company as the Nash Metropolitan.  In September of 1957, the American Motor Company dropped the Nash and Hudson brand names, yet continued to manufacture the successful Metropolitan model under its own name through dealers.  Therefore, Metropolitans of this era can be considered to be a product of the Metropolitan marque, although the model and brand are really one and the same.

The first Nash Metropolitan, the Series I, was put into production at Austin’s Longbridge factory in October 1953.  It featured an 85 inch wheelbase, a weight of only 1,785 pounds, and an overall length of only 149.5 inches, making the Series I smaller than the Volkswagen Beetle.  The Metropolitan Series III was released in November of 1955 under the Nash brand featuring an increased engine capacity of 1,489 cc and a two-tone body finish.  When AMC decided to drop the Nash name in 1957, the Series III became the first Metropolitan-branded model.  Production of the Metropolitan ceased in 1961 due to poor sales. 

The Metropolitan has earned a significant following of motor enthusiasts who have helped the automobile earn “a place amongst the Greatest Cars of All Time”, according to automotive writer Jack Nerand.  The Metropolitan Club was founded in January 1957 to support this strong following of enthusiasts. 

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