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Automaking is like any other business in that a creative and discerning eye may spot a niche that could possibly provide a springboard for success, but even when you have a good idea and a solid product, the costs involved in bringing it to market can present a challenge. The Peerless sports car was a vehicle that was ...built in Great Britain in 1957 and stayed afloat until 1960, and they had that innovative vision, but lacked the margins necessary to go on to long term success.

The company was founded by James Byrnes and John Gordon, with the original Peerless design being the brainchild of Bernie Rodger. The Peerless GT, as it was named, was a four seat vehicle made of fiberglass and equipped with a Triumph TR3. The car was indeed fast and it was a nice looking sports saloon, but it simply did not match up well with existing vehicles of a similar style in the same price range, so the Peerless line couldn't compete profitably beyond 1960. The car did enjoy an 16th place finish at Le Mans in 1958.

The Peerless GT is a collectible and it is very rare. During the relatively brief run of the company, only about 325 cars were manufactured, so they remain hard to find and in great demand.

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