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American creativity and ingenuity sometimes knows no bounds, and  Americans have always been a can-do group who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and make things happen. It was in that spirit that the Zimmer Motorcars Corporation was started in 1978. The story behind the genesis of this automaker is an inter...esting one. A man named Paul Zimmer had an idea for a luxurious "neo-classic" car that would be modeled after the look and styling of some of the classic vehicles of the past brought into the present. He actually drew a model of the car that he had in mind, the "Golden Spirit," onto a napkin at dinner and showed it to Bob, his son. He told Bob Zimmer that they were going to build the car, and that he was counting on his son to head up the enterprise.

So with that, the Golden Spirit became a reality shortly thereafter. By 1984, the company added to its line by introducing the Quicksilver, another American manufactured neo-classic; the Zimmer automobiles were built in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Zimmer company was good for the local economy at the time, providing jobs for 175 people.

The company hit a snag when Robert Zimmer decided to move on, and unfortunately, the visionary elder Zimmer Paul fell ill and could no longer contribute his considerable energy and talents to the enterprise. They gradually fell deeper and deeper into debt and could no longer continue production, but the name, and the brand, lives on. A fellow named Art Zimmer, who is not related to the founding Zimmer clan, purchased the name, and his organization builds a small number of cars each year under via the Art Zimmer Neo-Classic Motor Car Company.


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