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In the world of collector cars, one of the major factors that people consider is rarity, and American-manufactured Allstate automobiles are a scarce commodity indeed. First debuting in 1952 as a mail-order vehicle sold through Sears, Roebuck and Co., mainly in the Southern United States, sales of Allstate vehicles were... discontinued the following year. These cars were typically manufactured on-demand, contributing to their scant numbers. Due to the limited commercial success of Sears’ mail-order sales strategy, less than 2400 vehicles were ever purchased.

Although it was indeed the Sears company that advertised and retailed them, the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation manufactured Allstate sedans. They were, aside from a few aesthetic modifications and a rebranding, essentially identical to Kaiser-Frazer’s “Henry J” compact sedans, which had been introduced in 1950.

Allstates feature a distinctive body design: compact 2-door sedans with sloping, fastback roofs. Although the body design was invariable, Allstates rolled out in two different lines: the Series 4 and the Series 6, with the 4 and 6 denoting the number of cylinders in the Willys-Overland engine. The three models that Allstate offered, in order of ascending price, were the Basic, the Standard, and the Deluxe (although a Series 6 Standard model was at no time offered).

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