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Classic AMC and Vintage AMC

AMC, also known as American Motors Corporation, was formed in 1954 as a merger between Nash-Kelvinator Company and Hudson Motor Company.  This was accomplished for the survival of America's last independent carmakers.  In 1958, the Nash Motors and Hudson brands were dropped and AMC focused the company towards compact... cars with better fuel efficiency.  American Motors introduced a wide rage of products in the 1960's, including the Marlin, Javelin, and the Muscle Car entry, the AMX.

The 1970's brought the Gremlin and in 1975 the Pacer was introduced as the first wide small car with the comfort of a fullsized car.

AMC models considered as great collectible vehicles are the Javelin, AMX, Marlin, Gremlin, and the Pacer.  They are considered great classic cars for someone on a budget.  Chrysler Motors absorbed American Motors in 1987

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