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Classic Auburn, Classic Auburn For Sale

The Auburn Automobile Company was started in Auburn, Indiana by Charles Eckhart and his two sons.  Beginning in 1875, This automobile was based on the ethos of furthering the innovation efforts of engineering for the time, from centered engines to early versions of shocks. This commitment to excellence made them the e...pitome of touring cars by the time the early 1900s rolled around.

Eventually, the Eckhart brothers sold their share in 1919 to a group of investors (which included Wrigley of chewing gum fame), who later turned the company over to an enterprising car salesman named Errett Cord.  With his guidance, expertise and experience, he turned the brand from a touring model into a luxury automobile of the finest order while keeping up the innovative mindset that had been the foundation of the company's success.  Finally, with resources low during the First World War and the prices of the this car line being too high, the company went under in 1937.

Some of the famous models include the Speedster, the Duesenberg, and the Cord, the last two being named after ownership within the company.  The plant in Indiana that housed the Company which is now a national landmark.

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