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Vintage Austin Cars & Classic Austins

The Austin Motor Company was founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin in Worcestershire, England. Their first offerings were four cylinder, chain driven models, and with the beginning of World War II, Austin's manufacturing expanded dramatically. They secured a number of government projects, producing aeronautical and artille...ry inventory for the war effort.

In the post war years they went to a single-model philosophy, but sales couldn't justify production costs and the business was restructured and taken in a different direction in 1922 with a new financial brain trust that emphasized smaller cars. They produced the Seven, an accessible, simple vehicle that enabled Austin to stay profitable through the Depression years.

They continued to manufacture cars throughout WWII, and they went on to provide the industry with many classics, like the A125 Sheerline; the A30, A35, and A40; the A55; the A60 Cambridge; the America; FX3; the Mini, and a number of others. More recent this Motor Company models include the Metro, the Maestro, and the Montego. As of 1987 the Austin name was put to rest, though the vehicles are still being manufactured. There was been some talk about the brand being reintroduced by the current owner of this brand name, Nanjing Automobile Group.

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