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Classic Avanti, Classic Avanti For Sale

Originally started through the Studebaker line, the Avanti quickly distanced itself from its parent company to become an American automotive line built on sleek engineering.  The Avanti is generally recognized as one of the best achievements in mechanical engineering after World War II.  Even today, the same classic is reflected in the newer versions of the Car, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this durable, innovative, and ever evolving automaker.

The first Model was built in Indiana, but manufacturing soon migrated to Ohio and Georgia in the United States, and some were actually produced across the northern border in Canada.  The same model had been used throughout the years, until 1987 when General Motors bought the company, building their version around their basic platform but keeping the lines of the true Classic.  These platform changes also allowed for the introduction of the convertible into the Car line.

There is now only one plant that makes this car and it was relocated to Cancun, Mexico in 2006.  The plant produces only about 150 cars a year, making them highly favorable among collectors due to their rarity and the long history of the brand. Classic Avanti automobiles include the II, the Coupe, and the Convertible.

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