1931 Packard 845

Packard 845: Traditionally known as an American luxury automobile, the cars that the Packard Motor Company produced came straight from Detroit, Michigan and later South Bend, Indiana. The Packards were in production from 1899 to 1958, not a bad run, considering it endured the turn of a century, two world wars, and the Great Depression. In a brash attempt to defy the stock market crash that set off the Depression in 1929, Packard decided to up the ante; it produced even more expensive, great looking cars. The result: the Packard Twelve. The company had only one production line, which helped to keep its costs low, certainly helping to keep the company afloat during such hard economic times.

In 1930, Packard introduced the Packard 845, the Deluxe Eight Model. Its engine was eight cylinder, in-line, and reached 120hp at 3200 rpm. Drivers were in control of the 4-speed manual transmission. The car was originally marked for sale at $4,285, but was eventually dropped to $3600.

The Packard 845 was available as a sedan or sedan-limousine body style, and though it was taken off the market a few years later, the hefty markup and matching luxury style were well worth it for the buyers, who still turned out to purchase the vehicle which was so reliable and truly well-built. The Waterhouse Coachbuilding Company contributed the body, but the company itself had a short life-span, but earned a legendary reputation in the luxury car market. After building nearly 300 custom body styles for several car manufacturing companies, it discontinued the service in 1933. Later, they switched to furniture manufacturing and merged with another big name-Ethan Allen.

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