2005 V6 Project Car From American Muscle

To start off the series, we meet Dave Kaeck from American Muscle, who announces that the project will involve a lime green 2005 Mustang Fastback V6. This car is set to receive some modifications to get it running to its full potential. The Mustang is taken to Swarr Auto where it will receive its new performance package, containing items found on AmericanMuscle.com.

As Kaeck explains, the new equipment to beef up the Mustang includes a dual exhaust conversion kit, a new CAI, and a tuner, and he also points out how the V-6 gets a bad rap. Installing these modifications is really not that difficult, and it can be done right out in your own garage with the right tools; however, for the dual exhaust conversion, access to multiple power tools is necessary. With a new set of tires and wheels, and a lowering spring set, the Mustang also gains a stylish swagger to match its improved performance.

The styling changes continue in this installment with smoked out headlights and taillights, tinting to the side marker lights, and the third brake light. Next it’s time for the hood scoop, mirror covers, a new grille, window louvers, a new fuel tank door, a short antenna, hood pin, blackout panel, and chin spoiler, finished off with a three bar pony emblem on the new grille.

To wrap everything up, Kaeck recaps the modifications made to the Mustang, and they run some final diagnostic tests: with these simple modifications, the car’s horsepower, torque, and overall performance and look improved significantly. After taking the car for a final spin, some nitrous oxide is added for an extra kick, and the V6 project is ready for the road!

Contributed by Fossil Cars Staff Writer

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