2012 Camaro – Transformers Special Edition

With the premiere of the third installment of the Transformers movies this week, General Motors announced that buyers can order their 2012 Chevrolet Camaros with the Transformers Special Edition package starting in July.  This special edition package is honoring the Autobot Bumblebee from the movie.

When ordering the vehicle, buyers may choose the 312-hp V6 (2LT) or the 426-hp V8 (2SS) in “Rally Yellow” and then add on this $3,000 package.  The package includes black racing stripes over the hood, deck lid and roof, a unique high-winged spoiler, and black 20-inch wheels with high performance tires with Autobot logos on the wheels and the front fenders.  The interior will be a sea of black leather with yellow stitching on the instrument panel, center console, armrest and seats.  Autobot logos will also be embroidered on the headrests and center console.  Buyers also have the option of upgrading to 21-inch black wheels and adding a black ground effects package.

The Transformers movies are synonymous with the rebirth of the Camaro after its 7 year hiatus.  With each movie, a special edition Camaro has been released.  While this newest model can be ordered in July, you can start to see it on the roads of the US and Canada in September; however, don’t expect it to get you out of a traffic jam or fight the bad guys.

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