2012 Russo & Steele Monterey Auction

Russo & Steele: It has been a long winter for classic car fans, but spring has finally sprung and as the weather warms up and the foliage comes into bloom a lot of classic car events will blossom as well.

Early in the spring is the time to scour the calendar and decide which collector car auctions, cruises, and shows you will attend during the summer months. A lot of these events are very much in demand so you have to make plans early to be sure that you are well accommodated, and it is actually a lot of fun to make arrangements and count down the days until the big road trip.

With the above in mind one of the most appealing auctions of the summer is the 2012 Russo & Steele Monterey Auction. These folks are truly among the elite auctioneers, and the way that the name came about is really rather interesting.

It would be logical to assume that a couple of fellows named Russo and Steele joined forces to get it all started. In fact, the company was created by Drew and Josephine Alcazar. “Russo” is a nod to the Russo Rubino red color option on the classic Ferraris; “Steele” was included to pay tribute to classic Detroit muscle.

The 2012 Russo & Steele Monterey Auction is going to be held on August 16-18 and the location is the spectacular Monterey Waterfront. Consignment lots are limited so they are recommending that you sign up as soon as possible to reserve your space if you have a car that you would like to put up for auction.

Of course if you are looking to buy, the 2012 Russo & Steele Monterey Auction is one of the premier events on the calendar and it is really not to be missed if you are serious about adding something special to your collection this year.

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