5 Fastest Muscle Cars

5 Fastest Muscle Cars: The Muscle Car Club has reported that Muscle Car Review Magazine  has compiled a list of the top 50 fastest muscle cars. Of course, the list is too long to include here, but we will share the top 5 fastest muscle cars and a few interesting tidbits about each. The ranks are according to their speed at the quarter mile elapsed times. Take a look below:

5) 1970 Chevelle SS 454- topping out at 107 mph at the quarter mile, this model had a 4-speed transmission and a 450 horsepower rating. This muscle car could go 0-60 in about 6 seconds, and a quarter mile in just over 13 seconds. It was available as a coupe or a convertible.

4) 1970 Hemi Cuda- barely faster than the Chevelle SS 454, the Hemi Cuda could go 107.12 mph with its 4-speed transmission and 426 Hemi engine. Cuda, of course, is short for the Plymouth Barracuda, which was in production from 1964-1974, though a 1975 was planned and eventually scrapped before going into production.

3) 1969 Road Runner- at 111.8 mph, the Road Runner had a definite racing advantage- after all, in a race, a matter of seconds is like an eternity. The muscle car was meant to be for the masses, as an affordable, yet powerful muscle car. These elements combined helped sell nearly a quarter of a million Road Runners in 1969.

2) 1966 Corvette 427- barely surpassing the Road Runner at 112 mph, this 4-speed muscle car had a 425 horsepower block V-8 engine under the hood. The impressive 0-60 mph time clocked in at an astonishing 4.8 seconds and 0-100 mph in 11.2 seconds.

1) 1966 427 Cobra- At 118 mph, the 427 Cobra could practically do circles Around the Chevelle SS 454. Though it produced the same horsepower as the Corvette 427 at 425 horsepower, this was clearly a faster model. This model contained a Ford 427 Side Oiler V-8 engine and certainly earned its spot as the fastest muscle car.

So there you have it, the top 5 fastest muscle cars. Now get out there and burn some rubber!

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