Beautifully Fury-ous

In 1958, a star was born. The star of the “Forward Look” — the 1958 Plymouth Fury. A star in every aspect, it was a well-performing vehicle designed by Virgil Exner and produced by the Chrysler Corporation. It starred in a horror movie and remains as one of the prime examples of the Forward Look era. Virgil Exner, the figurehead of the Forward Look movement, wanted to create a facelift for the previous year’s Fury. He added bumper wings, visors, a padded dash, and a beige paint job (along with more defined fins and a unique body style).

The ‘58 Fury had only one available body style: a sport coupe (2 door hardtop with no post). There was also only one color: beige. Remarkably, there are few of the original colored cars left, as the red and white combo seems to be much more popular amongst restorers of these beautiful vehicles. There was also a tell-tale gold insert on the side trim along the fenders and doors to the fins. These cars came with one of two engines: either the Dual Fury V-800 (with 225 hp and measuring 318 ci) or what Chrysler dubbed as its greatest mechanic achievement: the Golden Commando V-8, a 305 hp, 350 ci beast of an engine. Stock features on the Fury included (but were not limited to) bumper wings, a whopping 150 MPH speedometer, and an 8-barrel carburetion system. There were just shy of 5,000 produced, making this a rather rare car.

The 1958 star of the show was created (literally) when the movie based on Stephen King’s horror novel arrived: Christine. Christine (1983) features a red ’58 Fury with a white roof who is possessed by the devil. Christine was a big hit, and remains popular today. Christine was jealous of her driver’s girlfriend, and seeks her revenge and runs rampant throughout the movie. She uses her awesome power and steel body to wrench through cars and people alike.

A hefty following arose along with the movie, so we partially have Christine to thank for the enduring appreciation of the star of the Forward Look, the Plymouth Fury.

Contributed by Fossil Cars Staff Writer

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