Car Classes from the 1960s

Car Classes from the 1960s

'69 Plymouth Road RunnerToday’s automotive lingo includes car classes like exotic, luxury, compact, and sporty – to name a few. Even though most people can name at least one car that would fit into each of these modern category, these categories have not always been. The 1960s was the first decade to see a wide variety of different cars and the categories from the 1960 were quite different than the ones used today. In the 1960s, drivers could pick from pony cars, muscle cars, economy cars, and executive cars.

The Muscle Car and Pony Car

So many people think of the muscle car as THE car of the 1960s and rightfully so. While we still enjoy the Mustang and the Camaro, there is was nothing quite like that brief time of the late 1960s when the muscle cars ruled the world. Some of the top choices for collectors continue to be the harder to find cars like the Dodge Super Bee and the Plymouth Road Runner.

1960 Ford Falcon – Photo Courtesy of

The pony car was like a sub-class of the muscle car. We often think of the Ford Mustang as a member of the muscle car class, but it did build a class all its own. The Mustang was the catalyst for cars like the Chevy Camaro and the AMC Javelin.

Economy Cars

The economy cars from the 1960s looked very different from the economy cars of today. We tend to think of the modern economy car as a tiny car like a Chevy Spark or a Mazda M2 or a Toyota Yaris. The 1960s economy car was typified by the Ford Falcon and the AMC Rambler. These economy cars were also known as personal cars, too.

Executive Cars

1960 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV – Photo Courtesy Of

The executive car was similar to the luxury car of today. Business professionals aspired to have their own executive cars and in the 1960s, companies began giving the executive cars as company cars to their top traveling employees. The executive car really took off in the UK as the British began work on their motorways. There are a few iconic executive cars that have become highly collectible, like the Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV. Interestingly, the executive cars from the 1960s, like the Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV, often came with only two doors, unlike the four-door sedans of today.

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