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1970 Olds 442

1970 Olds 442As a member of the muscle car category, the Olds 442 proved its worth the hard way: Originally, the Olds 442 was an optional package for the F-85 and Cutlass models, beginning in 1964. After the Pontiac division of General Motors experienced an unexpected success with the release of the The Tempest GTO the same year, Oldsmobile quickly compiled the package to keep buyers interested. The 442 did not become an actual car model independent of others, until 1968.

1962 Catalina

1962 Catalina

1962 CatalinaAlthough factory racing had been effectively banned starting in 1957, Pontiac’s late ‘50s and early ‘60s revamping included racing as a major component and the 1962 Catalina was a big part of that move. In the late ‘50s General Motors’ Pontiac brand began to feel a little old and tired. The cars were big, boring, and slow and not many young people were interested in them.

1962 CatalinaPontiac engineers made a turnaround of the brand by ignoring the racing ban and creating parts and packages that helped Pontiac models succeed in NHRA and NASCAR racing. The 1962 Catalina was a prime example of Pontiac’s cars that could be outfitted for racing and which helped to bring the cool back to the brand.

The Top 6 Cars To Restore

Cars to Restore:

63 Buick Riviera 1) 1963-65 Buick Riviera– though parts for this model may be more expensive because they are in high demand among car restorers, some companies are beginning a new reproduction of them, which may mean the price will begin to drop slightly on those parts. As time passes, this car is increasingly more popular as one of the better cars to restore.

2) 1953-54 Chevrolet Bel Air– classic car enthusiasts love this model for many reasons, but we can all appreciate relatively low prices on parts. Everything from mechanical and electrical parts as well as upgrade options for added performance are generally inexpensive, comparatively speaking.

St. Louis Car Museum

St. Louis Car Museum

St Louis Car Museum and SalesThe St. Louis Car Museum has something for everyone interested in classic and vintage vehicles. Not only is this a destination site for simply browsing and viewing classic cars, but it is also a sales center. Consign and sell vehicles from your collection or find the classic car of your dream to buy. The Museum also offers repair and storage services. 

A Diverse Collection

If you’re in the market to shop and buy, few classic car salesrooms has a more diverse inventory to browse. From classic muscle cars to 1950s Messerschmitt models, you’ll find just about every type of vintage car at the St. Louis Car Museum. 

A Look At Classic Car Commercials

A Look At Classic Car Commercials

66 Ford MustangTelevision commercials from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s had a certain charm that today’s commercials could never match even despite the slickness of their modern-day sheen. It is interesting to take a look back at these commercials for a look at the advertising styles of the day, as well as to get a glimpse into the demographics of the time. It is especially telling in the world of car advertisements, as old commercials help to indicate how manufacturers were attempting to position their cars in the marketplace.

1969 Barracuda

1969 Barracuda

1969 Barracuda The 1969 Barracuda came at the end of the second generation of Plymouth’s pony car which lasted from just 1967 to 1969. Chrysler introduced the Barracuda in 1964 as sporty performance cars were really gaining popularity in the U.S. 1974 was the last year for the model. In the early ‘70s, performance cars went downhill thanks to stricter safety and emission regulations. The Barracuda was one of many casualties.

Based on the Valiant A-body, the 1969 Barracuda and the other members of the second generation came in fastback, notchback, and convertible body styles. They also received significant restyling as compared to the previous generation of models from 1964 to 1966.

Nearly Forgotten: Plymouth Superbird

70 Plymouth SuperbirdWhen Plymouth unveiled the Road Runner in 1968, the response was overwhelmingly positive and it still remains among the most popular of muscle cars. Because of its success, it was only natural that Plymouth attempted to up the ante shortly following its release. The Plymouth Superbird came along in 1970 and it served as a modified version of the ever-popular Road Runner. It was built with the intent to appear in the NASCAR circuit, and as a part of the NASCAR rules, there had to be street-legal versions of this beauty.

United Auto Exchange

United Auto Exchange

United Auto Exchange, or UAX, is a used car dealership in Addison, Illinois and serving the entire Chicagoland area. In the business of buying, selling, and trading cars for 20 years, UAX can help you find a classic car, a used car, a foreign car, or a specialty vehicle. They can also guide your sale of a car, financing, and any trades. 

While UAX has been in business in Addison for just 20 years, the staff together offers more than 100 years of experience working with cars and car lovers. The UAX showroom draws people in from all over Chicago and it suburbs, while the online inventory brings in buyers from across the country. 

A Look Inside Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay Leno is not only one of the most successful talk show hosts in the history of network television; he is also an avid car collector. He maintains a garage in Southern California housing over 200 fine collector cars and motorcycles. Leno has a passion for automobiles and does not simply house them as museum pieces; you can catch him tooling around the So Cal area in a different car, every day of the week.

3 of the Most Unique American-Built Cars

3 of the Most Unique American-built Cars

54 1954 pontiac bonneville special

There have been many unique cars built that each has their own interesting characteristics.  Three of these cars are classics built in America during the 1940’s and 50’s; we’d like to take the time to showcase them today.