1966 Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette1966 Corvette: In 1966, America was in the midst of a cultural revolution. Gone were the days of traditional social conservitism, in favor of a more flexible standard of what was socially acceptable. The civil rights movement was coming to a head, and the shock waves of President Kennedy’s 1963 assassination were still rippling through the country. The 1966 Corvette was the perfect car to drive down the California coast, dreaming of better days ahead.

Chevy CorvetteA handful of engine options were available for this classic Corvette. The most impressive of the options was certainly the 427, which had a 425 horsepower rating at 5,600 rpm, and a compression ratio of 11.0.1. The coupe version of the 1966 Corvette weighed in at 3140 pounds, while the convertible tipped the scales at 3160 pounds. Options such as a 4-speed transmission, air conditioning, or the 427 cid engine added even more weight. In fact, the 427 itself added around 200 pounds. Measuring 175.1 inches long and just over 49 inches high for both the coupe and convertible, this was one car that surely did not go unnoticed on the road or in the driveway.

1966 Chevy CorvetteTen exterior colors were available in the original sales brochure, while eight interior vinyl color options were listed. Several trim options could be had, but the options were limited based on the exterior color choice. For a black or white exterior, however, any trim color could be had.

Today, car enthusiasts are passionate about restoring this classic Corvette. We’re sure that won’t change any time soon, either.

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