84 Vette Motor Trend Car Of The Year

84 Vette Motor Trend Car Of The Year

84 vetteNameplates that stay in existence for a considerable period of time go through multiple different generations of design and the Corvette is no different.

The first generation of the Corvette lasted from 1953 through the 1962 model year and the Sting Ray designation had not yet been introduced. The second-generation was created under the guidance of General Motors design chief Bill Mitchell, who took over for Harley Earl after Earl retired in 1958, and the Sting Ray was born. This era lasted from 1963 through 1967, and the third-generation of the Corvette began in 1968 and came to a close after the 1982 model year.

Chevy CorvetteThe fourth-generation was originally scheduled to be introduced during the 1983 model year but problems developed and it wound up making its debut for 1984. The 1984 Corvette had a decidedly more sleek appearance with less curves, and it was powered by the 350 cubic inch Crossfire V8. A new offering was the 4+3 overdrive manual transmission that was the brainchild of Doug Nash, and the car featured an innovative all-aluminum suspension and an electronic dashboard.

This was the first new Corvette to be introduced in some 15 years and it was obviously an exciting event within the automotive community. The buying public was quite impressed and sales were strong; over 51,500 units were sold. To top it all off, the classic car 1984 Corvette got the ultimate approval of the automotive intelligentsia as well and walked away with the prestigious Motor Trend Car Of The Year Award.

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