A Must Visit: The National Corvette Museum

A Must Visit: The National Corvette Museum

Chevy Corvette
If you love cars in general and Corvettes in particular you’re probably someone who enjoys a good road trip. There is nothing more fun than getting into your classic Corvette and heading off to an interesting destination, and if you are looking for one you would do well to consider the National Corvette Museum which is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Chevy CorvetteWhen the Corvette first hit the scene it was built in Flint, Michigan and the Gateway to the West, St. Louis, Missouri. Subsequently production of the Corvette was moved to Bowling Green, and that is where the vehicles are made today.

A visit to the National Corvette Museum is kind of like a religious pilgrimage for people like us who revere these incredible vehicles and it is something that you must do at least once in your life if not once a year.

It is an extraordinary treat to see a lot of classic Corvettes in one place and that is exactly what you get when you head to Bowling Green to visit the National Corvette Museum. There are over 80 classic car Corvettes on display and the museum is vast, covering some 115,000 square feet.

Chevy CorvetteThere are innumerable special events that take place at the museum each year and you may want to schedule your visit around one of them. The Anniversary Celebration & Hall Of  Fame Induction that is scheduled to take place on August 30th through September 1st of 2012 certainly sounds enticing.

The National Corvette Museum is open seven days a week, all year around, from 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 p.m. For more information visit their website or give them a call at 270.781.7973.

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