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The ’54 Corvette

1954 CorvetteThe ’54 Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette was first introduced in 1953 during the latter portion of the model year. The company was revved up for 1954 and they had completed an assembly plant in St. Louis that did nothing but produce classic car Corvettes; it was capable of churning out some 10,000 units per year.

As it turned out, the 1954 Corvette was a difficult sell at the time. It featured a two speed automatic transmission and plastic side curtains that were popular in some of the sexy European models of the day. The price point was part of the problem. The ’54 Corvette carried a sticker price of nearly $2800 which was more than a 1954 Jaguar or Cadillac, both of which were significantly more powerful.

Hello, Corvette Lovers!

Hello, Corvette Lovers!

Chevy CorvetteAllow us to introduce ourselves: we are a group of classic car enthusiasts who love everything about classic, muscle, and antique cars. So what better pastime could we have than thinking, talking, and writing about Corvettes? We hope you enjoy reading all about them, because we’re sure we will love writing!

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